Class Descriptions

Below is a list of our class offerings. We have many classes available for you. Take a look, and read the overviews. If you have questions, feel free to send us an email or give us a call. If you are interested, sign up in our   class store!

Personal Protection in the Home


Although many people give thought to, and take training to prepare for encounters outside the home, many do not take the time to prepare their homes, their families and themselves for a potentially lethal encounter that occurs in the home. Topics covered will include hardening the home, selecting safe locations, response to intruders, family awareness, post-incident response, interaction with law enforcement and variety of others. This class does include a live-fire portion, details will be sent upon registration. Participants must have completed NRA Basic Pistol, First Steps, Sharp Shooting's Handgun Safety and Marksmanship or Women and Guns, or have the permission of the Training Director to enroll in this course. This course will, for Idaho residents, satisfy the Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit requirements

$ 90.00

Women's Self Defense


This unarmed self-defense course offers female students the opportunity to continue the layered personal protection approach by adding a hand to hand, improvised weapons and chemical agent component. This class will include use of the Kubaton, SABRE-brand Oleoresin Capsaicin sprays, basic hand to hand techniques and personal safety mindset. Students should be prepared for moderate physical activity.

$ 55.00

Utah Concealed Carry Permit

The Utah permit, when issued, offers the concealed firearm carrier approximately 30 more states worth of reciprocity. The course is conducted entirely in a classroom format and discusses Utah law, interacting with law enforcement, transportation and safety storage of firearms. Students must have a home-state issued concealed pistol license prior to Utah BCI issuing the permit, but may take the class while waiting for their WA permit to arrive.  In addition to the class students will receive passport photos and be finger printed using FBI certified software so upon completion of the course will have everything they need to submit their application to the state of Utah.

$ 99.00

Other Services

Private Instruction is available on an as-needed basis at a rate of $ 100.00 per person, per hour not including ammunition.  We can also accomodate group events for birthdays, company parties, get together or other occasions.  Please contact the Training Director, Nathan Sheets, at for further information or to schedule private instruction or a group event.

$ 100/hour

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